A toy car with wheels on top of it.

Electric motorcycle

This Electric motorcycle with very low center of gravity and wide stance provides excellent stability. High strength steel space frame and seat belts enhance safety. Cushioned bucket seats, windshield and tunes suspension provide a comfortable ride. Patents pending.

A Very Lightweight Vehicle

Tandem seating minimizes frontal area and aircraft construction techniques result in a very lightweight vehicle. Choose from a variety of popular colors. Custom graphics not included.

A close up of the front end of an airplane

Flexible Passenger Area

The flexible passenger area provides an ample 10ft^3 of cargo space for most pick up/delivery missions.

Street Legal & Registered

The Hickey HyperRocket is street legal and registered as an autocycle in most states allowing anyone with a valid automobile drivers license to operate it.

A boat with two seats and steering wheel.
A man and woman in a car that is painted like an rocket.


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